“CLINIC E” ( A Dark Comedy about Getting The Test )

CLINIC E - JACK edited

Jack Everhart (David Fenner) waiting – and waiting – in Clinic E

Imagine you receive a letter through the mail telling you that someone you have had sex with has tested positive for HIV.

Except the letter doesn’t tell you who.

That’s exactly the situation Jack Everhart, the hero of Clinic E, finds himself in. What he does next may surprise you…..

CLINIC E - giant hypodermic edited

The nurse (Megan Cavanaugh) makes a point

You can now watch my award-winning short, Clinic E, on my Vimeo channel.  The password is CLINICE.


Sadly, this darkly comic tale of how we tend to ignore common sense when sex is involved is even more relevant today than when it was made in the mid-90s. Endorsed by leading AIDS Healthcare organizations and foundations of the time, it was a sly take on the dangers of profligate behavior. Unfortunately, the power of denial is considerable, and if anything the film’s message is even more pertinent today.

CLINIC E - filming nightmare edited

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